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These are my faves right here; an assortment of either comedic, powerful or even just plain fun pictures or stories made by my friends or made by grand artists! Enjoy them if you wanna as well!


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Journal History


HI ALL! Thedarkofnight-D here with a new journal... late as the norm. cool, right?

Yes, I feel like I shouldn't have to explain that I'm not good at keeping my biweekly journal promise... but hey, you know what? At least I write to you guys occasionally, so that's what counts the most, right? Anyways, I've got a lot to cover this journal, and it's officially spring, so... let's get right to it, shall we? Haisai, let's go!

//+- NEWS -+\\

So, you probably may have already guessed how I've been, right? Good, work keeping busy, hobbies as well, so forth, right? You're 100% correct there.  Also, a HUGE plus, Spring is here! Snow's been melting, rain and sun have been on circulation, and... well, things have been cool. Though I haven't seen my lovely Anime-jazumin in a while... changing that soon, honey! So, let's get started with something rather worth the #626Pride!

So, "Stitch and the Sand Planet", the Zutto Saiko special has finally surfaced on the internet! ...Albeit in a German dub... eeeeh... Now, some of you may be asking me what my opinion is since I watched it very recently (even noting it on Twitter). Well, let me start off in saying that you guys already know that I'm not a fan of "Stitch! ~Zutto Saiko no Tomodachi~" and prefer the original "Stitch!". The sequel series feels way too generic and they've made SO many changes to characters (like Yuna, sigh...), locations and even just feel of the show that it's alienated me away into disliking it. But what about "Stitch and the Sand Planet"? Well... I'll admit it's a so-so special. Those character changes REALLY linger still with the special. Zuruko did act nicer in the special (yet I still hate the heck out of her) to a Yuna yearning for Stitch to come back so soon, and I thought the whole sand planet conflict was a nice touch. There should've also been way more Experiments if Hamsterviel ended up capturing every one, but instead we've got only a handful... not exactly what I was expecting for EVERY Experiment captured. That's wasted potential, I find. The whole "To-Do list" thing with Yuna and Stitch though seemed interesting, but it was only a small chunk out of a 45-min special. Plus, I spied a blue guitar almost like Haruko Harahara's from "FLCL" in the pictures, something I may picture in the Triverse lore of mine (even if Zutto lore's been retconned there). Something that REALLY bothered me was early on in the special, when Zuruko picks up a picture of Yuna with Gram and her Dad. Mainly 'cuz that never happened anywhere in the Zutto lore and if it did in the older "Stitch!" lore, don't you think Yuna'd have her older wear on her? Rambling, just didn't like that touch... However, for all my complaints and dislikes, I do have a few pluses. First off, I feel Shin-Ei Animation stepped up their game with the special, as the animation and backgrounds felt less generic. And the aliens on the sand planet are cool too. Also, Angel was in this episode, and she acted a lot sweeter than the norm in "Stitch!" lore. But this is one of those cases where the negatives outweigh the positives, hence why I call it a so-so special. It boasts some better animation, but I feel like there's a lot of clutter that collide with already placed Stitch lore, and even moreso? It's just a glorified redux of the Dark End episode of Zutto without Delia or Dark End. So, colour this special in the same boat as Zutto, not anything I'd be rewatching again.

On another note, I've now watched EVERY episode of "Stitch!" with "Stitch and the Sand Planet" being watched. In my honest opinion, the 2-arc original "Stitch!" is my ever vigilant and powerful favorite of the two Japanese series, with bright animation that feels like Disney met Japan in the process (thanks Madhouse), great characters and plots that are uniquely creative considering the Okinawan meets sci-fi lore at hand. Seriously, the original had the feel of pure Okinawa infused. Zutto though, everyone knows I have my reasons for my huge hate for it. Among them are a different director (Tetsuya Endo really shoulda stuck to Xros Wars, sorry not sorry), a change in animation that made that Disney meeting Japan style lost (no thanks Shin-Ei), a chip being embedded in Stitch (...still makes my blood boil, he's genetic and there was no mention of a stinkin' power chip involved... wrong move, Endo) and of course, the characters acting WAY different than already set into stone (Yuna, for example. Age 10 version ("Stitch!") > Age 11 version (Zutto). The only episode of Zutto I managed to like and take in was the Lilo episode, as I feel that connected to things fine. But as for everything else, just let me at the original Madhouse "Stitch!". At least the 56 episodes and Kung-Fu Dragon Pleakley shorts "Stitch!" had give me such joy to watch instead of making me feel like something's off like with Zutto, not to mention the inclusion of the original "Stitch!" lore into the Triverse, as you all know. So, if tl;dr, yay "Stitch!", boo Zutto. Of course, that's just my opinion, you guys can voice yours in the comments if you so like. But that's that!

On another note: guess what's out tomorrow for your local 3DS handhelds? A new Disney game! YAAAAAA-- right, it's a Japanese Disney game too. DOUBLE YAAAAY! "Disney Magical World", originally titled "Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life" in Japan, is releasing tomorrow, April 11th, and is a game I HIGHLY recommend you folks to look into if you have a 3DS handy. The game is a mix of "Rune Factory", "Animal Crossing" and Disney. You run a cafe, meet several Disney characters along the way and fight ghosts in order to unlock new items and secrets. Don't peg it down as just a normal Disney game either, Japanese group h.a.n.d developed the game, and they're the ones known for the great gameplay found in "KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days". Plenty of Disney characters are in this game, Aladdin and Jasmine, the denizens of Wonderland, even Stitch and Lilo and even Jack Sparrow are in from what I've seen of the Japanese game! I've got a copy coming inbound tomorrow, so I'd highly recommend checking it out. And say hi to Donald for me.

In the same vein as that 3DS goodness, I've been playing a LOT of "Pokemon X", raising up some of my teams... My main team is basically this:

Scizor, LV. 100 (holding Scizorite)
Hydreigon, LV. 84
Zoroark, LV.  75
Metagross [Shiny], LV. 73
Darkrai, LV. 73
????? [Shiny], LV. 73

I also have a handful of other teams I'm raising, and I'm sure if you know my Twitter, you'd know the last Pokemon, but for now, that's a mystery. However, if you guys want a battle with me or a trade since I'm heavy into the game, do note me or something of the sort! I'm not one to back down from a challenge... ...but I am one to lose plenty to it. Persistence? Sure, why not. 

While I'm on the subject of Nintendo stuff, Tuesday was HUGE. As some may have known, Tuesday was the day of Nintendo's new Nintendo Direct, focusing immensely on the new "Super Smash Bros." coming out for the 3DS and WiiU. There was a CRUD revealed, new items/Pokeballs/Assist Trophies, online play modes (yes, both games will feature online fully functional), a new Game Mode called Smash Run (think Smash Bros. meets Kirby's The Great Cave Offensive and "Kirby Air Ride"), and some new characters confirmed (transformation characters are now separate characters) like Zero Suit Samus, Sheik, Yoshi and two Pokemon heavy hitters, Charizard and from the X/Y gen, Greninja. What's more, Nintendo revealed when they plan to release the two versions of the games in a strange strategy. First release will be in the summer of this year, the 3DS version of the game (hey, justsomenut626, you're getting Mega Busted). The other is the WiiU version of the game, which is planning on winter this year for release. With this in mind, we'll get an exact date on the 3DS version soon, but for now, I am AMPED. Can't wait to play these games, and even better, have a handheld version of the fighter for once. Maybe I'll go to both launches dressed as Mario... question mark? We'll see. Regardless, it'll be a SMASHING summer and winter. Huh? Huh? Bad pun I know... *sighs* Moving on.

Next up is something we're FINALLY getting info on! "Here's what I'm thinking"! Anybody ever heard of an upcoming Disney series called "Girl Meets World"? No? Well, certainly you've heard of "Boy Meets World"? I knew that'd get some nods as that's an old yet incredible TV series! Well, "Girl Meets World" is a sequel series being done by Disney and bringing a nice mix of the old and new. We have old characters like Cory, Topanga and even the awesome Mr. Feeny (all with their original actors playing them, Ben Savage included), and a whole slew of new characters, which include Cory and Topanga's daughter. This was announced as early as last year: so just today we got a teaser from Disney Channel on the show. Check it out, here; and maybe join in on the hype train for this sequel show:

On another subject, I know just recently, MARVEL's HUGE new film "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" has dropped. Everyone's said good things about it, even going as far to call it one of the best MARVEL films to date. I need to see it myself, but hopefully that will be soon I do get in a theatre to see the flick! After all, I've not missed a MARVEL film to date!

Now, speaking of MARVEL, I've got good Disney-related news for you folks! Just Tuesday, the same day all this Smash Bros. stuff was going down, MARVEL confirmed that their superheroes, Avengers included were coming enroute to a new version of "Disney Infinity" called "Disney Infinity 2.0". Now, this goes hand in hand with news of "Star Wars" and MARVEL sets in development, so if this is true, then we should be getting some Jedis and Padawans in the Infinity game soon (in addition to that awesome Lightsaber you get from owning every character). There's also been a lot of rumored stuff in development for whatever this 2.0 is: three things. The first is the promise of something "Captain EO" related in the game, which could either be a Power Disc or a figure, my money's on the latter. The second was the idea that Guybrush from Lucasarts' "Monkey Island" games could be in the game as a figure, which is pretty much awesome, as Guybrush was a uniquely comical character. And third was the idea of including Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" into the game, which... if that's the case, that'd mean programming water, swimming and other functions into the game for other characters. You guys already know my main hope for Infinity is Experiment 626 himself.  But otherwise, the only other hint towards what "Disney Infinity 2.0" could be is the fact the developers mentioned wanting to create a version of the game for PS4 and XBOX One, which could mean that 2.0 is in fact a new game. No worries though, Avalanche has said that no matter what version of the game you have, your figures will work. Regardless, rumors or confirmations, more info on 2.0 will be revealed SOON, seems like!

On another note and in Infinity-related news: GUYS. GUYS. OH MY GOD, GUYS. I GOT NOTICED BY DISNEY ON TWITTER, GUYS. If you guys watch the "Disney Infinity" web show "Toy Box TV", Episode 10 featuring Swampy Marsh and Dan Povenmire of "Phineas & Ferb" just came out last week, and... well, watch the social section and you'll see a very familiar face. SERIOUSLY, GUYS:

On another more magic note, I'm sure those who watch "Once Upon A Time" know that the spin-off "ONCE: Wonderland" has ended a week ago. It feels weird not watching the show anymore (especially since today is Thursday), but with the ending it had, everything was perfect and I could not be more pleased with how they closed out. If any more spin-offs were to happen, I'd be there, but I think they may just hold off due to Wonderland's ratings. Which... weren't exactly as expected. But hey. "Resurrection" and "Once Upon A Time" have both been continuing though, to which S3 of "Once Upon A Time" has been fantastic so far, and "Resurrection"? Simply riveting yet mystifying stuff, really. Anyways, worth the note.

Off into another "Star Wars" subject, good buddies of mine justsomenut626 and TheFicDoctor have recently got me into the MMORPG known quite simply as "Star Wars: The Old Republic". I'm not TOO far into the game yet, but I play a Trooper named Lhikos, who is aspiring to be a Commando. If anyone else plays the game, it'd be cool to know who, as when I do play (which is on the rare occasion) I play on the server Jung Ma, a PvP server.  Anyways, just a heads-up!

One last thing: good friend of mine ZoraCatone has been up to a "It's A Small World" collab, where me, dlrpmad and silverstar-alchemist have contributed some nice countries to the project. Keep an eye out on the final result, as I'll try to post it on my next journal. Check out the idea of the project here:…

Phew... lots I had to explain!  Anyways, I got a few things to explain art and storywise, so shall we, ohana?

//+- ART / STORIES -+\\

Alright, so let's get on with the first thing, the Triverse Twitter. Recently, I've called off #QuestionOfTheWeeks off the Twitter, but you'll be getting #QnADays on Wednesdays and a normal #FactOfTheDay every day on the Twitter. We also will RT and share your Stitch collections or art if you send them our way with the hashtags #TriverseArt or #626Pride. But, that's already pretty self explanatory! Check out the "Stitch Triverse" Twitter with the handle @The626Triverse or just click here:

Now, on the art side of things, I've been semi planning things here. First off is, again, a piece for ZoraCatone's "Small World" collab, where I did Japan! So look out for that there... I've also had a Triverse poster under wraps which will take a while, but to sate, I've got a few ideas circulationg, one of which is a pic involving Stitch and Yuna, guitars and a bit of an alternate cover idea I have for the "Stitch!" OP song "Rodeo Star Mate" by the pillows. Otherwise, designs and such have been pretty much on the mind. I also have been cooking up some "Disney Infinity" mock-ups of five of the Stitch lore characters, including those in the Triverse, but again, that may take a bit. So, do keep patient in the art wagon!

As for story things, I've got some big announcements this time around. First off, you guys know you can still send me OCs for the "Stitch Triverse" project, but remember I'll be a LOT more crucial in picking them, and the rules from January's event still apply. Second, the "Stitch Triverse" lexicon, it's still coming, I just need to get back into the motivation of writing it, but there's a small chunk left to do before I give you guys the entire lore in your hands. I'm hoping to finish it for the April/May season, but if later, do expect that, as there is a LOT of effort going into the lexicon. In addition, it will be consistently updated if new characters or ideas enter the plot. Third, "AQUOS", my old story, right? I actually have to confirm that I'm still doing the story, it will probably be written first now as I'm swapping things up.

But now comes the big revelation. You guys know the "Stitch Triverse" is a collective of my three universes, "Stitch!", "A STITCH in Reality" and "Stitch to the Cosmos". But what you guys don't know was what the Triverse also aspired to be. "Stitch Triverse" is not just a collective of three universes worth of ideas, but is a fusion of all that has been conceptualized into and all three of my different realms of 626dom into, get this... what I'm planning to be a brand new, lengthier and beefier story that is going to be a expansive upgrade of my fiction. Yes, it's official, out of all the plot work and ideas that I've done for "Stitch!" and in the original story "A STITCH in Reality", the Triverse came to being and became THE idea. With this new idea being a ever so slight reset to my Stitch works, this means that my current "Stitch!" story, "Stitch! ~ Crossed Timelines" is now cancelled and "A STITCH in Reality" has been merged into the new plot. I'm sorry to those who were looking forward to those two stories, but with new ideas finally cobbling together a bigger and better story and the writing of the lexicon bringing forth every piece more and more for the idea of the Triverse, I had to move ahead. Now, just because this is a new tale unlike the others I tried before, don't think that every one of yours and my characters are gone: this reset is retaining all the ideas that I brought in while reduxing it and cementing it. This means almost (keyword almost) everybody from Yoko, to Yamigiru, to Kasumiden to Susanoo from my old stories are coming into the Triverse lore, not all will be present in the long story coming, but they'll be noted upon in the lexicon. From the dust of the old begins the new, they say: and I feel that with the bigger "Stitch Triverse" story that things are only gonna get better from here. So, in conclusion, the "Stitch Triverse" idea will not only be a collective of art and media for the blue alien, but a brand new story from my end too later down the road. Think of this as THE upgrade my Stitch lore needed, an even bigger collective to the Stitch canon, and something monumental in terms of effort. Ohana only gets much bigger from here, right?

As such, the new writing schedule (when I get to it, even I don't know, what with all the art I'm trying my hand into) will be to finish the "Stitch Triverse" lexicon first, so the concept gets out (spoiler warning will be included), then finish "AQUOS" as an original Disney idea (since I don't want to can that like I did "TREASEARY"), and then later on, see about my magnum opus, "Stitch Triverse". "Stitch! Shorts" aren't canned though, so expect maybe a few of those in times of boredom. Thus, I hope all of you understand my intent to can Crossed Timelines and pick up a bigger story, as I feel the Triverse is one of the biggest and more passionate things I've cobbled together in all of Disneydom. I only hope you guys stick along for the ride through the multiversal realms, as Yuna, Kyozuki, Yaiko and the Stitches will be too. Takka and #UnityIsTheKey!

Now, with that big reveal already downed, let's go on to the "TUNE" section!

//+- TUNE -+\\

So, this week on the "TUNE" section, I'm featuring an oldie, but a goodie.

"TUNE" this week comes from the legendary artists known as Daft Punk, or the duo known as Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel de Homeo-Christo. You'd know of them from their previous albums such as Homework, Discovery or Human After All. You may even know of them from the animated film of Discovery "Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem". But more recently, you'd know them pro-dominently from their legendary Grammy-winning album Random Access Memories. Surely though, you may not have heard this track on the album, and for good reason: as today's "TUNE" is the bonus track to the album: "Horizon". This track displays just how versatile the duo can be when it comes to music, as this brings forth an calming 80s vibe that builds and builds upon itself. It continues the nu-disco sound that Random Access Memories tries while not even being directly attached to the normal tracklist. And it does just what any other Daft Punk track does: magic. Take a listen here, friends:


And I've rambled myself to bits here... anyways, hope you enjoy this new journal: 'cuz it's been a long time since I posted one up! Also, hope everyone's doing fine! Talk atcha next journal! Ichariba Ohana!

Dil // TheDarkOfNight-D:iconthedarkofnight-d:



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Name's Dil! Or Dylan in full; known on the internet by the names "TheDarkOfNight-D" or "D Barenzu". The names go on and on; but you'll find me by those two specifically.

I'm a Disney zealot: fan of many Disney works and a fellow culture-crazed Canadian whom takes pride in his work and his friends, girlfriend and family (a la ohana): that may include you reading! I also take my time into several endeavors, drawing, writing, mixing, and so forth: I try my best into what I do; so to speak. I'm also the hugest Stitch fan you probably may come across in Canada. Ih, meega have no shame for that.

As for other places I'm found, well, check one of my journals for my basic places I'm found at, usually under the very names I have here, "D Barenzu" or "TheDarkOfNight-D". For Skype or an e-mail, note me and I'll pass 'er your way! Takka for the understanding!

Feel free to browse my gallery if you wanna: read my stories or comment at my artwork: and moreso, talk at me if you wish to, I'll usually be around to holler back! <3

Oh, and I'm available for collaborations (in terms of art and writing) with people as well, friends! Anytime you want to collab, just ask and I'll see if want to get into the swing of things! It just depends on who and what it is!

Current Residence: Ontario, Canada
Favourite genre of music: Orchestral/Techno/Dubstep/Rock
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga styled. Cartoons too. In fact, anything animated can be an art style. I also love the Abstract and the Cartoony styles.
Operating System: Windows 7. (Beat that, Vista! Pffft!)
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Shell of choice: KOOPA SHELLS.
Wallpaper of choice: Stitch-themed. Or Disney-themed, depends on mood.
Skin of choice: Skin? My own HUMAN skin, thank you; I am a HUMAN BEING.
Favourite Disney characters: Yuna, Stitch, Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope, Tron, Quorra, Beck, Doofenshmirtz, Perry, Mickey, Oswald, Drossel, Merida, Woody, the list goes on...

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King-Codrian-Drasil 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the watch!

And I see you're a fellow Stitch! fan! Good to know I'm not alone! ^^
TheDarkOfNight-D 1 day ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
Ditto, thanks to you too!

Yeah, I'm one of the BIGGEST "Stitch!" fans out there! Stitch fan since 2002, branched right into "Stitch!" in 2009. Man, I feel old. It's nice to meet other fans though, honest! :D
King-Codrian-Drasil 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I just discovered Stitch! recently, and I fell in love with it. ^^

Have you read my crossover fic with Stitch! and Pokemon? If so, what do you think?
TheDarkOfNight-D 1 day ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
It's good finding fresh fans, especially for something involving the blue alien! Good on you for looking into it!

I've read a part or two of it! I'm not TOO into the Pokemon anime scene nor do I see Yuna with a love interest (sorta the way I see and even write the character), but you've found a good line where you could make the crossover work! Also, I applaud you for making it in Izayoi Island, that's a move I'd honestly pull off as well, since I love the island settings more than Newtown (not a fan of Zutto, I tend to stick to the original "Stitch!", for preference's sake). But then again, I like seeing new "Stitch!" fiction, especially from a writer like myself (to which, yes: I'm working on a big Stitch story called "Stitch Triverse", where the "Stitch!" characters are among a new bunch of characters I've built up in a new lore). Still, do keep it up, you've got something good going here with your crossover!
(1 Reply)
Rose74 5 days ago  Student Writer
Thanks so much for the watch, I'm honored for your visit. ;)
TheDarkOfNight-D 5 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
You're very welcome! Your stuff's good, so I figured I'd give you a watch! Also, honored? Wonderful then, pleasure's all mine! :)
Rose74 3 days ago  Student Writer
You're sweet! :giggle: :iconsuperglompplz:
TheDarkOfNight-D 3 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
Why, thanks! I just try my best, is all. :)
alittlemandy Apr 12, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Hey thanks for the favorite! C: It means a lot.
TheDarkOfNight-D Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
You're very welcome! :D
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thanks for the fave! :D
TheDarkOfNight-D Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
You're welcome! And thanks for the watch! Appreciated! :D
captainfranko Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you're welcome! :)
firegirl1995 Apr 11, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Hi and thanks for the fav =D 
TheDarkOfNight-D Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Aloha! You're very welcome! :)
mackie3232 Mar 29, 2014
Hey how are you?
TheDarkOfNight-D Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Oh, hi! Doing great, how's about yourself? :)
mackie3232 Mar 30, 2014
I'm good! How's life
Long time no talk you know?
TheDarkOfNight-D Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Life's going good, really! How's about you?

Also, indeed indeed: been far too long. :)
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